Minimizing Risk Can Lead to Maximizing Return

Writing in the Psychology of Human Misjudgment Charlie Munger describes what I think is a good way to think about financial matters. First, I had long looked for insight by inversion in the intense manner counseled by the great algebraist, Jacobi: “Invert, always invert.” I sought good judgment mostly by […]

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A Dispatch on Habits From 1892

Managing ones finances often seems an exercise in shame as you review your monthly statement realizing you haven’t even played the pan flute you bought on a whim. Determined to display your true bourn musical gifts to the world.   Putting in place systems to support and maintain the development […]

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Think Inside the Box

Taking a Systematic Approach Will Improve Your Finances Dazed, your mind wanders while you question your mastery of the English language as you try to make it through another dense tomb on how to properly manage your finances. As you re-read the same page twice for the umpteenth time you […]

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